Academic Awards Program Application

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your inquiry about the CAET Academic Awards offered by CAET. Active members of CAET who are pursuing a Baccalaureate, Masters or PhD may apply to be considered for a CAET Academic Award.

  • The CAET member may apply for a CAET Academic Award after their course is complete, i.e. marks are available;
  • The CAET member may apply yearly as long as he/she is taking courses towards a Baccalaureate, Masters or PhD;
  • Money will be awarded only if marks are provided;
  • The CAET member must complete and submit the application by March 15 for any courses that were completed in the previous calendar year;
  • Applications will be received by e-mail or mail to the CAET National Office;
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Education Focus Group Coordinator or her/his designate using the following criteria.

Please forward:

  1. A completed application form, and selection criteria form;
  2. A copy of academic transcript; and
  3. Consent for name release (see below).

The availability of Academic Awards will depend on donations to the fund and the number of applicants.

Please mail your information to:

  • CAET
  • 66 Leopolds Drive
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • K1V 7E3
  • Toll Free: 888-739-5072
  • Fax: (514) 739-3035

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