CAET Organizational Structure

CAET Executive

CAET National Office

  • CAET
  • 66 Leopolds Drive
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • K1V 7E3
  • Toll Free: 888-739-5072
  • Fax: (514) 739-3035

CAET Regional Leadership

The Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy is a national organization which is set up in five regions to strengthen communication. Each Region is led by a Regional Director which is an elected Enterostomal Therapy Nurse (Member of CAET) and there are two regional meetings held per year which all CAET members can attend. The CAET Regional Directors are CAET Board Members and they report to the CAET Executive Board. The Regional breakdown and Regional Directors are as follows:

Please contact the Regional Director responsible for the province that you reside in if you would like to get involved with the CAET.

Core Programs

Political Action

Leader: Kimberly LeBlanc MN RN CETN (C) PhD (student)

CAET Executive and Board will continue to provide the necessary resources, supporting documentation and strategies to respond to internal and external influences that impact the association. This may require advocating and lobbying for CAET related issues at a local, regional and national level. Please contact the Board with any ideas that you may have in the promotion of Political Action for our members.

Portfolios: Lobbying, Advocacy

Professional Development and Practice

Core Program Leader: Laura Robbs, RN, MN, CETN(C), Nurse Continence Advisor

Mary will lead this Core Program developing professional growth opportunities to facilitate the provision, maintenance and recording of knowledge, and clinical skills related to the scope of ET professional practice. She will also be involved with the design and implementation of the new CAET website. There will be opportunities for CAET members to get involved in this Core Program by contacting Mary about future opportunities.

Portfolios: Ethics, Professional Growth, Certification, Mentorship/website, Position Papers

Informatics and Research

Core Program Leader: Karen Napier, RN BScN CETN(c) MClSc-WH

Jean’s expertise will be utilized in overseeing the development of a project related to Continence Care. The team has already initiated the process in looking at the literature for Continence Care. Jean will also be involved in the CAET website redesign in relation to the membership form and database.Jean will be looking for interested CAET members for future projects so please submit your names to the CAET National office!

Portfolios: National Database, Best Practice Recommendations


Core Program Leader: Susan Mills-Zorzes RN, BScN, MDE, CWOCN, CETN (C)

Cathy and her team will be implementing and developing unique strategies to market the ET nurse in the Canadian healthcare system. This team will be promoting the Marketing Package and finding innovative ways of getting it out to the policy makers. Healthcare costs are sky rocketing so it is essential we highlight the cost outcomes study showing the cost effectiveness of an ET nurse. If you have an interest in marketing please contact Cathy Harley.

Additional Leadership

Link Managing Editor: Deborah McNamarra

JWOCN Canadian Feature Editor: Lina Martins, RN, BScN, MScN, CETN (C) Bylaws Chair: Vivian Wass, RN, BScN, ET Nominating Committee Chair: Lani Williston, RN, BSCN, ET