Mentorship Program

When a mentee speaks with a voice of doubt, the mentor engages the voice of knowledge. When the mentee speaks with the voice of fear, the mentor engages the voice of courage.Mentoring relationship fans the flames of passions and dreams.

Message from a Former President of CAET

Welcome to the CAET’s Mentorship Program. Whether you are exercising the Mentor’s role or the role of the Mentee you are entering a unique relationship which speaks to supporting your ET nursing colleagues through role modeling, teaching, coaching, sponsoring, guiding, sharing and advising (Nearly 2000, Goran 2001) The nursing literature sites mentor/mentee relationships as critical to career development, advanc-ing skills, job satisfaction, retention of staff and the “socialization of the neophyte closer to the accepted norms of the group he or she enters”.

The CAET recognizes its responsibility to support the ongoing professional develop-ment of its membership and therefore has committed to developing opportunities to link members to members through various levels of the Association. Supported by the CAET’s Values of Nursing Specialty Excellence, Collaborative Partnership and Com-passion we believe that the Mentorship Program will further reinforce a network of professionalism and identity as ET nurses across Canada. This program will go beyond the traditional forms of knowledge acquisition obtained through national con-ferences, workshops, and journal articles. It will provide the opportunity to “link” with your colleagues as either a postgraduate ETNEP student, an ET nurse to another ET nurse from your region or from another part of Canada, or as a new Board member transitioning into a CAET leadership role.

This program is new for the CAET and as in anything new we anticipate revisions along the way. We welcome any recommendations that you may have. The “voluntary” com-pletion and submission of your Reflective Journals at three and six months and upon completion of your mentorship experience will assist in program improvements. In turn, these improvements and your commitment will enrich the Mentorship Program oppor-tunity for our ET nurses of the future.