The Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy (CAET) represents over 500 Enterostomal Therapy Nurses across Canada. An Enterostomal Therapy Nurse (ETN) is a registered nurse with advanced and specialized knowledge and clinical skills in wound, ostomy and continence care. Recognized as Nursing Specialists in wound, ostomy and continence by the Canadian Nurses Association (C.N.A), ET Nurses are the ONLY nursing specialty with C.N.A. certification in wound, ostomy and continence care. From acute care hospitals, outpatient clinics, community, long term care and in independent practice, an ET nurse provides specialized holistic assessment and management as an interprofessional team member to meets the needs of individuals/families with ostomies, acute and chronic wounds and urinary and fecal continence problems.

THE LINK is the official publication of the Canadian Association of Enterostomal Therapy. It is published three times a year in March, July and December.

The deadline for submissions to THE LINK are:

  • January 15
  • June 15
  • September 15

THE LINK accepts contributions in the form of professional news, research projects and findings, clinical papers, case studies, reports, review articles, questions for clinical corner, and letters to the editor. It is a useful communication tool to support the advancement of nursing in wound, ostomy and continence.

Advertising can be purchased for all three issues at a discounted rate or for each individual issue. Industry news is welcome and is printed on a first come, first serve basis in a special section within the publication.

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For further information about submissions or for general inquiries, contact:

              Cathy Harley, Executive Director, CAET

              66 Leopolds Dr , Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 7E3

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