What is an ET nurse?

What is an ET nurse?

What is an ET Nurse?

The Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy (CAET) represents over 300 Enterostomal Therapy Nurses across Canada. CAET advocates for the highest quality of specialized Enterostomal Therapy nursing to individuals requiring wound, ostomy and continence care. An Enterostomal Therapy Nurse (ETN) is a registered nurse with advanced and specialized knowledge and clinical skills in wound, ostomy and continence care. Recognized as Nursing Specialists in wound, ostomy and continence by the Canadian Nurses Association (C.N.A), ET Nurses are the ONLY nursing specialty with C.N.A. certification in wound, ostomy and continence care. From acute care hospitals, outpatient clinics, community, long term care and in independent practice, an ET nurse provides specialized holistic assessment and management as an interprofessional team member to meet the needs of individuals/families with ostomies, acute and chronic wounds and urinary and fecal continence problems.

ET Nurses Save Health Care Dollars

  • ET Nurses involved in wound care heal wounds faster and at less cost
  • Decreases length of stay in acute care facilities by providing preoperative education and follow up care
  • Coordinates specialty care to reduce re-admission or duplication of services
  • Facilitates the appropriate and efficient use of resources and health care products
  • Provides continuity of care to patients/families

Proactive Management to Health Promotion & Illness Prevention

  • Maximizes patient/family self-care through one to one education and consultation
  • Collaborates with inter-disciplinary team members to maximize
  • Promotes patient/family advocacy

Professional Leadership

  • Supports quality health care through teaching, mentoring, program development and quality monitoring
  • Promotes excellence in care by exercising evidence-based and innovative best practice
  • Participates with other professional nursing organizations to develop and enhance the delivery of health care for Canadians
  • Recognized by the C.N.A as Nursing Specialists in wound, ostomy and continence


  • Initiates and participates in research that will expand nursing knowledge
  • Interprets and applies research to improve patient/family care
  • Communicates and disseminates research through publications, oral and poster presentations, and the development of health care guidelines and policies